After Sriwijaya Air’s crush, our country got swamped again and again with bad news. This week there are, at least, 3 saddening and worrying news from my beloved country.

First, great flooding that happened in South Kalimantan. Hulu Sungai Tengah District was inundated by great flooding. The rainfall that happened in that city was claimed at least hundreds of houses. Now, the flood was spread to other district as well. There are lots of regions that got affected by this great flood. The flood cause all the activity in impacted city comes to a halt. There are countless of evacuees at the moment. The heavy rainfall that has been happening for 2 days worsened the condition. Lots of NGO started to act, they called for volunteers and start crowdfunding to help people who greatly impacted by the flood.

Second, Mamuju, another region in Indonesia, to be precise in West Sulawesi was hit by an earthquake. 6.2 magnitude earthquake had claimed lives of 27 people, for now, at countless houses was destroyed. Lots of people also got wounded from this earthquake, and yet lots of organization started to move, to help and to aid people who got affected by this earthquake.

Third, another flood happened in Jember as well, a district in East Java. It’s rainy season, and every year we did experience flooding in various part of indonesia. 15th of January shall be written in my journal as a difficult day for us Indonesia.

Besides those 3 news, there are also other news that I concern. First, the Merapi eruption, although it’s not a big one, but its lava flow and ash cloud quite unsettling. Not to mention, one of great muslim scholars Syekh Ali Jaber passed away few days ago. He was an exemplary person. He was kind, and his messages was so peaceful, unlike some Ustadz who spread hatred and enmity toward other people. Syekh Ali was so benevolent and gracious. I remember he said, after getting stabbed by a stranger, “I already forgave him right after he stabbed me. I don’t hold grudge toward him, may Allah show me him be a better person.” Could you forgive someone who tried to kill you that fast? I guess not. And we lost such a bighearted person. Lots of people will miss him and his teaching.

Get well soon my country. We do have a lot homework how can we prevent such flooding to happen, how to better manage the drainage systems or land use control for the rain fall. How could we mitigate the number of victims were an earthquake do happen again in the future?

My deepest condolences for all my brothers and sisters who are now facing this ordeal, may you be strong and patient. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you. And once again, these ordeals shall be passed as well. Stay strong my country, stay strong my fellow Indonesians.

For those who are willing to donate, you can click this link:

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