A book I read

Last week, I leisurely walk around a bookstore near my house. I love the feeling of seeing books, they just there on their selves neatly arranged. When I went to the second floor of the store where another set of shelves are there. I walked around on the second floor, I look at books that put on Novel section shelves, lots of novel but none piqued my interest, and I moved to self-improvement section. After browsing several book, my eyes falls on “Made to Stick”. A book written by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. I pick on the book, and walked to the cashier in second floor. After buying this book, I kept strolling around the bookstore, a bad habit of mine. After spending almost one hour there, and I ended up just buying one book I go back to my house.

To amble around a book store, it’s been a while since the last time I did that due to this pandemic. I always take a great pleasure on my trip in bookstores. After arriving in my house, I open up the plastic and yeah, I miss this smell, smell of newly unwrapped book. The smell of the paper, the cover, it’s been a while. After fancying my new book, I started to read this book.

It took a while to finish this one, since I was working at the same time, and distractions that kept me from finishing this book. Fortunately, today I finish this book. Made to Stick is one of the best books I have read this year. The language was clear and the vocabulary is not too advance. Furthermore, the content was a good. In short, there 6 ways that you can follow to make something sticky. By using acronym SUCCES, the book explained 6 ways that we can follow to make our messages stand out.

  • Simple, the motto/message or whatever you tried to convey must be simple. If you used 3 sentences to explain it, then it’s not simple. Motto like Name, Name, Name or It’s the economy, idiot or providing cheap fare air flight service, those are pretty simple. Of course some elaboration needs to be made, but the core message is there. Simple. Make sure you can convey your core message by using simple words
  • Unexpected, to make your words sticky, it must be unexpected, uncommon or like didn’t see that coming kind of feeling. Saying things like that you will be more likely to be killed by thunder than winning a lottery. For many people they didn’t know about it. Some even can’t believe that’s the case.
  • Concrete, you message must be concrete, if it’s tangible it would be better. When you tried to to tell something, people could understand it better if it’s concrete thing, not something abstract. For example, when a teacher tried to teach law of conservative energy, he can show some demonstration, like Walter Lewin did.
  • Credential, your message must have some credential, either from the expert or the person who experienced it firsthand. Story about someone who was success on his diet by consuming subway is one example. He is living example of that, he got a good credential, because he did it.
  • Emotional, okay, so far you message has been good, but so what? It must have power to move people to do what you want. Your message must invoke emotion from the audience so it’s work. People will be more inclined to give charity to single person, whom they hear the story about than to group of people that they don’t even know.
  • Lastly, Story. I can’t agree more for this part, it’s always interesting to hear a story from other people. However, in this case, your story must support your core value. You should be able to use story to convey your Core value. In this book they used Costco’s story as an example. It’s a good story.

It’s been a pleasure reading this book. The insights I gained is worth the time I invest. However, the important part comes after I closed the book, after I finished reading it. How can I apply what I have read on my daily life? I need to practice it on my daily life, so that SUCCES, the outline to made something stick, would stick with me. Practice, practice, and practice.

This too, shall pass!

After Sriwijaya Air’s crush, our country got swamped again and again with bad news. This week there are, at least, 3 saddening and worrying news from my beloved country.

First, great flooding that happened in South Kalimantan. Hulu Sungai Tengah District was inundated by great flooding. The rainfall that happened in that city was claimed at least hundreds of houses. Now, the flood was spread to other district as well. There are lots of regions that got affected by this great flood. The flood cause all the activity in impacted city comes to a halt. There are countless of evacuees at the moment. The heavy rainfall that has been happening for 2 days worsened the condition. Lots of NGO started to act, they called for volunteers and start crowdfunding to help people who greatly impacted by the flood.

Second, Mamuju, another region in Indonesia, to be precise in West Sulawesi was hit by an earthquake. 6.2 magnitude earthquake had claimed lives of 27 people, for now, at countless houses was destroyed. Lots of people also got wounded from this earthquake, and yet lots of organization started to move, to help and to aid people who got affected by this earthquake.

Third, another flood happened in Jember as well, a district in East Java. It’s rainy season, and every year we did experience flooding in various part of indonesia. 15th of January shall be written in my journal as a difficult day for us Indonesia.

Besides those 3 news, there are also other news that I concern. First, the Merapi eruption, although it’s not a big one, but its lava flow and ash cloud quite unsettling. Not to mention, one of great muslim scholars Syekh Ali Jaber passed away few days ago. He was an exemplary person. He was kind, and his messages was so peaceful, unlike some Ustadz who spread hatred and enmity toward other people. Syekh Ali was so benevolent and gracious. I remember he said, after getting stabbed by a stranger, “I already forgave him right after he stabbed me. I don’t hold grudge toward him, may Allah show me him be a better person.” Could you forgive someone who tried to kill you that fast? I guess not. And we lost such a bighearted person. Lots of people will miss him and his teaching.

Get well soon my country. We do have a lot homework how can we prevent such flooding to happen, how to better manage the drainage systems or land use control for the rain fall. How could we mitigate the number of victims were an earthquake do happen again in the future?

My deepest condolences for all my brothers and sisters who are now facing this ordeal, may you be strong and patient. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you. And once again, these ordeals shall be passed as well. Stay strong my country, stay strong my fellow Indonesians.

For those who are willing to donate, you can click this link: https://kitabisa.com/

Our Condolences, Sriwijaya SJ182

I was awake from my nap. It was almost 5 P.M, Saturday 9th of January 2021. After washing my face, I check on my handphone. There were hundreds of chat in my WhatsApp. In one of my group I read news about Sriwijaya Airlines. Sriwijaya flight, SJ182, depart from Jakarta to Pontianak can’t be contacted. The tower lost contact with SJ182 near Thousands Island Region (Kepulauan Seribu).

It was a shocking news, but we still prayed that the plane would be ok. However, after waiting for sometimes, we got a confirmation. It was such a heartbreaking news to learn that the plane crashed. There are 56 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 cabin crews boarded this flight.

It shocked our entire nation. Now they are on the process to find the remnant of the plane. In one news media, they report that they found some cables and clothes, supposedly from the plane’s remnants. Our deepest condolences and prayers for all the families who were left behind.

Mt Parang via Feratta

I come to love climbing mountains. Another mountain located in Purwakarta, Parang Mountain is another mountain that I have visited during my travel in Indonesia. One thing that make this trip different is we use Feratta while climbing this mountain. Usually we were trekking while trying to reach the top of a mountain. The downside of this trip is we haven’t been able to reach the top. Using Parang via Feratta we only reach 300 m.a.s.l. Mount Parang itself is less than 1000 m.a.s.l

We departed from Jakarta at 00.00 on Saturday, and we arrived in basecamp near Mt Parang at 3.30 A.M. We used minibus to reach the location. And we had a rest at basecamp until 6.30 A.M. After having a breakfast, briefing for the climbing and wearing our equipment we were ready to climb this mountain via Feratta.

It was one of the memorable trip I had. Climbing via Feratta was so exhilarating. We climb the mountain by holding on on irons that have been planted on the mountain. We follow the iron path, and the climb itself is really enjoyable. One downside is we need to wait for people in front of us. Sometimes they took photos and it might take sometimes. It’s nice though seeing people taking photos in this steep mountain by holding the irons.

The scenery was stunning, I could see Jatiluhur lake and Lembu Mountain from here. The small forest or maybe I can call them big garden is completing the sight. Green forest, blue sky and lake are encompassing my view. When I look-up, the steep crevice of Parang. I love my country

Sight From Mt Parang
Climbing via Feratta
Halfway there
Almost reaching our 300 m goal
Break time


Negeri di atas awan, I don’t know how to translate that one in English. A place above the clouds, maybe??? I have heard about those words since 2016, and I was really curious about what it is all about. Diang, they told me it can be considered as one, Bromo as well. However, when I visited those places I was quite unfortunate, I didn’t get the experience place above the clouds.

Luckily, my trip to Pamoyanan, make me realize what’s the hype is all about. It’s indeed beautiful sight. I can see clouds covered the land. It’s mostly white, what a sight to behold. Not to mention the sunrise, how blessed I am to be able to enjoy such scenery. Pamoyanan is located in West Java, Subang. I heard it from my friends and they told me to join a trip with them back then. So I did. No regret.

There are lots of beautiful places I wish I could visit in this country. However, COVID-19 has postponed my plan to visit several places. I wish this pandemic will mitigate so that we can travel again, with ease and without worry.

Mt Bongkok

I love my country, Indonesia. I am lucky that I was born in this beautiful country. Let me tell you a story about my adventure to climb Mount Bongkok. It’s located in Purwakarta, West Java. It took around 3 hours trip from Jakarta to reach this mountain. I visited this place before COVID-19 happened. Mt Bongkok is less than 1000 m a.s.l. My first thought was it would be easy peezy. So we departed from Jakarta at 00.30 A.M and arrived there at 5.00 A.M. We were late because we need to change our car’s tire along the way. It took us 1 hour to change the tire.

Since we were late, so it’s unlikely we can enjoy the sunrise from the top of the mountain. It’s okay for me though. This would be my first experience climbing a mountain. Remember when I say it would be easy climb since it’s less than 1000 m a.s.l? I have never been so wrong. The terrain was horrible, it was wet, steep, and rocky.

However, all the pain was worth it. Once I reached the top it’s all paid off. I could see beautiful scenery from the top of Mt Bongkok. I could see Parang Mountain, fogs shrouded the field down there, also a lake not too far from the mountain. At that moment, I thought, I am blessed. I can climb and enjoy such mesmerizing views, not everyone gets the chance to enjoy this kind of scenery. Yeah, it was arduous, yes my legs and body were aching here and there after the climb. It’s nothing compared to the experience to savor the creations of the best Creator.


Almost 1 year

It’s been a long time. I have not written anything in my blog for 10 months, more or less. I still write in my personal journal though. I don’t know why I can’t find the time to write here. Even the content. That’s probably the problem. I always think what I write in here didn’t matter(it didn’t really honestly). However, my aim is to improve my writing skill. So I guess I back to the game.  I don’t know hots content, my writing is not cohesive and my use of vocabulary is sometimes wrong. My content is not interesting, so be it. I did it for myself, and I want to learn more also from other bloggers. How to write a good blog.


10 months, there are lots of events that already passed. Not to mention corona, COVID-19 has screwed lots of people. It has taken hundreds of thousands of lives. It sent millions of people to unemployment. It carried thousands of people back to poverty. Its economic impact is maybe worse than its health implication. Doctors are struggling to save their patients. Doctors fell, patients fell, soldiers fell, dads fell, mothers and children fell, people from different occupations and even ages get their lives taken by this deceased. There have been lot of bereaves, lots of loss, lots of sadness, and frustration due to this pandemic. It’s scary, but somehow we cope with this Pandemic. After isolating ourselves for 3 months, many people in my country started their new normal activity casually. People have mouths to feed and our government didn’t do the best way to mitigate this virus spread. We can rely on ourselves most of the time. In times of crisis, we can see how capable our governments are. Turn out, they suck. They did do something, some of them are not enough, not too efficient, not effective, not working, not good. So people depend on themselves, we started, or forcibly started, the new normal, thus 2nd waves probably come our way. We are riding it together they say, I said no. We face the same storm but we are in different boats. Some of you are on a cruise. Some in a ferry, some in a kayak. We can see how wide the inequality our society has. Now I can observe better, the wide gap of inequality in my very country. I have a family who got fired from their job because of this pandemic. I have an acquaintance who still can travel abroad in other countries, just because they can. I have seen some homeless people who beg for food. It’s the truth and we need to face it. Inequality and pandemic are not a great combination. They say this is survival at its fittest. The price is too great, people’s lives, which had been happening for thousands of years. Experiencing it first hand is a totally different matter. I read about the Black Plague, I see numbers. I experience corona, I saw bodies, I saw people, I saw Father, who fall to this disease. It’s totally different thing, reading the history and experience similar thing first-handed. Yeah, there are still numbers but human life is more than a number. Those who passed away are other people’s parents, dad, lover, mother, friends, teachers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, you mention it.

All in all, I hope the current situation will be better, in my country, in every place who still struggling with disease, my prayers are with you. Stay strong, this storm shall pass, just like storms from the past that most people already forgot about. In 100or so years, this pandemic might be explained in 10 pages or less in a history book for kids. We who are living in the moment, see it clearly what it did to us. Future generations might not be able to relate, just like I can’t 100% relate to the Black Death or the Spanish Flu. But I write in here to crave what I feel at the moment, for me and not anyone else.


Visiting Hongkong

It was 30th of August, I departed from CGK to Hongkong. This would be the first time I visited this city. Unfortunately, I was quite worried since during that period Hongkong people march and have a demonstration. I won’t elaborate on the detail of why they had this demonstration.

So, 30th of August, I departed and we arrive in Hongkong around 7 P.M and after that, we went to our hotel. Our tour guide was an Indonesia, a nice old lady, who had stayed in Hongkong for 20 years or something. Everything went smoothly, I didn’t see any demonstration on our way to the hotel. And since we are muslims, I asked about Halal food, like the Israel people’s kosher. Thankfully, near our hotel, there is a Turkish Restaurant and they serve halal food for their customers. So we went there to have our dinner and I miss Turkish food so much. I ate Iskender kebab and kunefe. It’s been a long time since I ate those. After having our belly full, we went back to the hotel. And had a rest. The following day, I visited Disney Land. It was a great experience. However, Universal Studios in Singapore left a bigger and better impression for me. Nevertheless, it was a new and exciting experience visiting Disney Land. I was quite lucky as well since I got to enjoy most of the rides that available in Disney Land.

Here some photo of our visit

Btw, the food price in Disney Land ranges from 80HK$ – 180HK$. Also, they served Halal food for Muslims and near that area they have musholla, or small mosque, to pray. During our visit, it was raining for ashort period of time, around 40 minutes. Disney Land had lots of nice and well-constructed buildings. Just like in fantasy land and I would totally recommend visiting this place if you have children, they would love it here.

The following day, we visit several places like hall of fame, I forgot the correct name, I am not really good at remembering names of place. And Peak Tower area by using tramway. Another great experience for us to ride a tramway. And lastly, we had our meal in Indonesia restaurant. It was a feast, since we are abroad it can be categorized as a feast. The food was so various and the tastes were quite delicious. And this time we paid only for 70HK$ per person, which was quite a good deal IMO.

All in all, it was a great trip. We used a travel agent, so I can’t travel independently and explore more. If I get the chance, I would like to visit this city again, backpacker style. In the end, I did saw the demonstration. However, the demonstration quite polite and they were not as bad as the news said they are. Until this very day, the demonstration is still ongoing and I wish all the best for people there. Hongkong, you are a great city. Thank you for your hospitality during our stay.

Mata Najwa

Today is a good day, at least it was until I watched the latest episode of Mata Najwa. In this discourse, she invited 6 people, 3 people from DPR and 3 people from outside DPR, or you can call them experts in their expertise. One of the experts is an elderly man, he is a professor from the University of Indonesia.

They debated, discuss, or had a discourse-related with Perpu KPK. Perpu is a law that can be made by the President if 3 conditions were met. I won’t elaborate here. The content of the discourse, I pretty much don’t have many saying on these things. I am a novice and knowledge regarding law and constitutional stuff is still shallow, so what I am saying might be not accurate and I don’t want to share my opinion or baseless opinion.

What I want to highlight here is how a certain guest speaker behaves during the debate. He was a parliament member, he holds a great responsibility in the country. Unfortunately, his actions showed how unfit he is to hold that position. Someone who can be disrespectful to elderly people in front of the public, should not be our representative. Someone who belittles others so blatantly live on TV should never be our representative. Someone who points his finger to other people or to his opponent during a discourse in public, should not be elected. Someone who shout out to his former teachers, who were kind, in a public or in live, should not be elected. Someone who cut off other people when they are talking but getting angry when others do onto him what he did, should be elected. Someone who couldn’t hold their ego in public, should not be elected.

However, he did get elected.  He showed a lack of mannerism, respect towards other people. Getting angry when he didn’t get his way, and the worse yet to come. He showed no chivalry and manner at the end of the show. He didn’t even shake the hands of his former teacher not asking for an apology. He who lacks manner, who are hubris and think so highly of themselves are a bad example for others. And he, being watched by hundreds of thousands of Indonesian, shall reflect about his actions last night.

There are lots of smart people this country has, but what we need someone who both are smart and a decent human being. Who knows how to being empathetic towards others. Last night show, remind me again there are lots of unfit people hold crucial positions in this country.